Fresh and beautiful skin by drinking water

What is your beauty secret? The answer of celebrities and models is almost always: “Drinking water”. This isn’t only a standard phrase. Drinking enough water is very important for our largest organ – our skin. Our skin consists largely of water. For that reason it isn’t suprising that your skin condition will largely depend on how much water you drink.
A study of scientists of the Berliner Charité confirmes that drinking enough water has beneficial effects on the skin appearance. So cheers – for a clear, fresh and radiant skin!

Here is an experience report of one happy client of Hydro Coach:
“I’ve been drinking tons more water thanks to this app, my acne is clearing up quite nicely too since the water is flushing out my system. So thank you for developing the app!”
We say: “You’re welcome!” :)

Do you have noticed improvements in your skin appearance since starting to drink enough? We would appreciate to hear from your story!

Water for a fresh skin