Beetroot juice

What a wonderful color! What great health benefits! The beetroot has been gained in popularity as a new so-called super food.  It contains high amount of vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. Also known simply as the beet is a good source of iron and folate and it is said that it can help lower blood pressure, boost exercise performance and prevent dementia. But that’s not all: This wonderful tuber even strengthens your immune system.

If your hands become stained while preparing the juice rub some lemon juice over them – this will help remove the color. Please don’t be afraid, drinking this juice may make your urine and stools look reddish. This is totally harmless. But when you suffer from kidney bones please ask your doctor before consumption.

Fruits and vegetables of all kinds are important of a healthy diet and their daily consumption could reduce risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions. Variety is the key. Drink/Eat/Enjoy regularly fruits or vegetables.

Do you have ideas how to combine beetroot to make the juice even more tasty? Or do you have personal experience with the beets health benefits? Then don’t hesitate and share it with the community.