How you encourage your cat to drink

Cats absorb their mainly liquid portion by food. That’s why we should pay special attention to cats which are getting dry food. Because a too less fluid intake can causes to kidney problems and urinary tract infections.

But how you can encourage your cat to drink?
Unfortunately there is no universal recipe for success.
It requires creativity, observations skills and endurance! :)

Some cats love it to drink from the running tap, others prefer stagnant water. If your four-legged friend prefer moving water, you can even buy special drinking fountains for cats.

It’s also very important where you put the water bowls. Don’ts: Water bowls beside feeding points or in close proximity of the cat toilet. This places are mostly unpopular. The best idea is to distribute several water bowls throughout your home. That is the best drink reminder for your four-legged house inhabitant. :) So they can take a small sip while passing by their forays.

Sometimes cats are unhappy with their drinking vessels – so provide different water bowls. Others aren’t that sensitive and drink from watering cans (Take care, if you pour with fertilizers).

After a little time you know how, where and what your cat prefer to drink – and have set the best conditions for a well hydrated house cat! :) Miaow!

Drinking cat