Limes water

You know how important it is to drink enough water. But it’s sometimes boring for you to drink just water? Do you need some variety? A healthy alternative?

Here it is:
An easy, cheap and refreashing possiblity how you can pimp your water!

Just put some slices of limes in your drinking vessel and leave it stand for a little while. Your water will taste great. The smaller pieces the better taste. A perfect refreshment for hot days or tired moments.

What do you have to know about limes:
Limes doesn’t contain as much vitamin C then their big sister the citron, but they streghtens your defences too. So why you have to choose limes than citrons? First of all, they provide a optical variety and they have a big advantage: Although they are smaller, limes contains less cores and a higher juice content.

Most people know limes from cocktails. But it is also a good choice to give your water a great, sour and slightly tart flavor. Enjoy it and have a dynamic and effective day!

Your Hydro Coach

limes water